Whether you read this or not by commissioning me you are agreeing to the following.
 I have the right as the artist to showcase and sell any artwork I have created in any way that I see fit, unless we have agreed otherwise. This includes and is not limited the use of commissioned work in prints, galleries, portfolios, etc.
I may refuse any commission at any time, whether you have paid or not. If you have made payment you will receive a refund.

You are welcome to modify your commissioned work any way you like. It is your purchased property.

After you have made payment and I have started working on your commission you may not request a refund unless I, from my own free will, choose to no longer work on your product.

Upon Death
Should I become deceased in the course of a transaction between myself and the customer, all commissions shall become null and void. Friends and family members are NOT to be held responsible for debts created on my behalf, even after death.

Art Theft
If you bought the original commissioned work from me then you are welcome to do what you wish with it. It is your property. ALWAYS give proper credit when posting the artwork.

For non-customers; It is nice when you ask my permission first before using my artwork in any way, shape, or form. But as long as you give me proper credit you may use my work as long as you are not selling it or making profit from it in any way.

Don't forget that art theft is against the law and I will not hesitate to take court actions in the advent of stealing or claiming my artwork as your own.